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Gastar Exploration Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil, condensate, natural gas and natural gas liquids in the United States.  Gastar's principal assets are in Oklahoma, referred to as its Mid-Continent area, where it is developing the primarily oil-bearing reservoirs of the Hunton Limestone horizontal play and testing the Meramec Shale/Middle Mississippi Lime formation.  Gastar believes its Mid-Continent acreage is prospective for the Meramec Shale/Mississippi Lime formation, the Woodford Shale and the Osage and Oswego formations, which Gastar collectively refers to as the Mid-Continent STACK Play. 

The Company is publicly traded on the NYSE MKT exchange under the ticker symbol GST, and its Series A Preferred Stock and Series B Preferred Stock are traded under the ticker symbols GST.PRA and GST.PRB, respectively.


Gastar began building an acreage position in the Mid-Continent area in 2012 and ultimately established a position in Kingfisher, Garfield, Major and Blaine Counties in Oklahoma. The Company has focused on the development of oil-bearing reservoirs in the Hunton Limestone, [primarily] in Kingfisher County, and, as of year-end 2015, Gastar had drilled and completed 9 Upper Hunton and 46 Lower Hunton wells on its acreage. 

In addition to Hunton Limestone potential, Gastar believes that its acreage is also prospective for the STACK Play. The STACK is an area of central Oklahoma that includes oil and natural gas-rich shale formations such as the proven Meramec Shale /Middle Mississippi Lime and Woodford Shales as well as emerging prospective plays in the shallow Oswego formation and in the deeper Osage formation. Recently, Gastar’s focus has been on testing the prospectivity of the Meramec Shale on its acreage with the drilling of two initial wells, of which both successfully encountered the Meramec Shale. Gastar has 100% operatorship of its Mid-Continent net acreage.



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